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Is Cryosurgery (notice - not CryoShape) effective for treating keloids located on the ear? - If yes, what is the cost

[2012-07-02 09:42:23 - Dean Williams from Philadelphia]: I currently have a keloid on my right ear the size of a quarter, that i would likes removed. I previously had surgery and and this is the end result. I was wondering if you offer Cryosurgery and if so what the cost would be without insurance. I also received steroid injections also.
[2012-07-13 15:28:32 - Franziska Ringpfeil MD.]: Cryosurgery may be attempted to minimize a keloid but it is not a very efficient treatment modality for keloids. The cost per treatment in our office is $100 without insurance for the size of your keloid. Other treatment options include another excision ($230) followed by 3 post operative steroid injections ($50 each). The first injection is done immediately after surgery provided that your keloid has previously softened with steroid injections.

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