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What is torn earlobe repair cost?

[2009-07-22 16:43:51 - Patient from Wynnewood]: I have a torn earlobe and am wondering about the approximate price for the procedure.
[2009-07-23 20:44:27 - Dr. Ringpfeil]: We charge $275 to revise and repair each tear.

Is earlobe repair treatment covered by insurance?

[2010-05-10 07:50:43 - kyheada stokes from Bryn Mawr]: hello my earlobe split and i was wondering do you take insurance if so which one?
[2010-06-06 19:13:03 - Dr. Ringpfeil]: The consultation for torn earlobes is covered by all insurances. However the actual repair is not an insurance covered service.

split earlobes cost vs. gauged lobes repair cost

[2010-08-03 18:14:33 - Betty Mahan from Mainline]: My earlobe was split because of gauges may I send you a picture of it because of that it is not your average split it looks something like a claw and I was just wondering if it is possible to repair at the above said price or not. I also live in Delaware and was wondering if the consultation costs are covered by their Medicaid and if not what are the consult costs. thank you for your time
[2010-08-04 13:03:10 - Dr. Ringpfeil]: The standard earlobe repair refers to split earlobes. The repair of gauged lobes is possible and is called earlobe plasty. It requires a longer operating time and therefore a higher charge. The charge per lobe is $400. The consultation is an insurance covered service for most insurances. However we do not participate with any Medicaid programs.

What is the consultation fee for torn earlobe repair?

[2010-01-11 23:47:21 - Miss W from Mainline]: I will like to know the fee for the first consultation.
[2010-01-12 22:51:23 - Dr. Ringpfeil]: The initial consultation for torn earlobes is usually covered by your insurance. If no insurance is available, our fee is $115.

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