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What is the best quick fix for melasma

[2012-07-06 08:37:18 - Gina Scheetz from Broomall]:
I am getting married in 6 weeks. I started with melasma last year on my forehead and chin, but it's more pronounced on my forehead. My dermatologist gave me Hydroquinone, etc., to lighten it, but it hasn't worked at all. I wear a #50 sunscreen with titanium and zinc and a sun visor. I'm wondering if I can possibly get rid of the melasma at least on my forehead before the wedding, and what is the best, quickest treatment? My assumption is microdermabrasion is out, and I should opt for a Melanage Peel, but I'm wondering, will that cause more damage to my face before the wedding??? Thank you, Gina
[2012-07-12 19:39:43 - Franziska Ringpfeil MD.]: Melanage peel would probably be the best yet the redness and scaling after Melanage can last up to 4 weeks which would increase your nervousness factor and is therefore undesirable. I would do a few microdermabrasion treatments every 10-14 days and continue hydroquinone. You should see some improvement until your wedding.

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