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My treatment with "cold laser" for hair removal failed. Are your laser better?

[2010-06-01 13:21:22 - lynda from Mainline]: I have had several treatments over the last 6 years and havent had anything in the last 2 I tried 2 doctors and the results were poor i was hair free for only 8 weeks will this laser be stronger it was called cold laser that i had prior.
[2010-06-02 14:50:36 - Dr. Ringpfeil]: One of the most efficient lasers for hair reduction is an Alexandrite laser, e.g Gentlelase. It works best on fair skin with dark hair. In individuals with a tan or Mediterranean and darker skin, laser assisted hair reduction is most efficient with an Nd:YAG laser. Other devices used for laser hair reduction include diode lasers and IPL (intensed pulsed light). These are considered less efficient. The initial process of reducing hair by laser requires typically 3-6 treatments. During the very first treatment, the hair falls out indiscriminately. This primes the hair to be in a vulnerable state at the time of the second treatment 4-6 weeks later. With every subsequent treatment, more hair gets permanently destroyed. Biannual or annual maintenance treatments are performed to address any hair that had been dormant during the initial treatment period. If maintenance treatments are not performed regularly, sometimes 2 treatments may be needed to achieve permanent reduction of hair that occurred since the initial treatment. The first treatment will shed the hair indiscriminately and the second will then destroy the primed vulnerable hair. Cold lasers as defined by the FDA as low level energy lasers are not typically used for laser assisted hair reduction. Their strengths is in pain reduction and even promotion of hair growth. I believe, that there is a misunderstanding about the type of laser used in your initial treatment.

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