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Scars - sarcoidosis

[2011-12-08 18:38:10 - David Pace from Bryn Mawr]: Hello, I have Sarcoidosis. It has effected my skin where I have very deep mark from boils. Mostly on my left side of my face. These are not normal acne scars, they are deep. What can I do to make my skin and appearance better?
[2011-12-19 09:01:49 - Dr. Ringpfeil]: I know it must sound disappointing but without an actual evaluation I cannot be specific. In sarcoidosis, it is most often the second layer of the skin that suffers and many scars may look sunken in. Excision, laser treatment or any other techniques are dependent on the size of the scars, your skin color and texture and where on the face they are located. I strongly encourage that you be evaluated for the best options for you.

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