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how well does the Picosure work on turquoise?

[2014-07-18 20:44:41 - Andrew from Philadelphia]: Hi, how well does the Picosure work on turquoise? I just started a traditional laser tattoo removal, and turquoise isn't coming off that well. Thanks
[2014-08-01 13:17:13 - Franziska Ringpfeil MD.]: Picosure works well on turquoise colored tattos. We see that it comes out on average after 6 treatments whereas with traditional Q-switched lasers it can take 12-15 treatments.

Dark brown tattoo - would this fall under the more difficult colored tattoo removal?

[2014-07-27 15:56:46 - jackie from Philadelphia]: I have a very new tattoo under my inner elbow, on my forearm, about 3" x 1". I understand the typical costs and time the removal will take, my question is regarding color. It is dark brown in color, would this fall under the more difficult colored tattoo removal, or more the black/blue easier removal? I was told by the artist the brown would lighten "about 20%" within 8 or so weeks. would it be better to wait for the natural lightening before beginning the laser removal? Thank you in advance for your time.
[2014-08-01 13:20:53 - Franziska Ringpfeil MD.]: Brown is traditionally more difficult to remove due to the presence of iron oxide in the ink mix. Brown is expected to darken after the first treatment (this is an oxidation process unique to iron oxide) and then will be able to be removed by standard serial treatments. In general, we recommend to wait 4-6 weeks after tattoo placement to start the removal process in order to assure that the inflammation associated with ink placement has subsided.

Removing different color tattoos with Picosure.

[2014-07-10 07:58:42 - Erica from Philadelphia]: Hi there, I recently got a tattoo on the middle of my back and automatically knew it was a huge mistake. Is it difficult to get rid of pinks, yellow, purple, orange & white? I'm desperate for help.
[2014-07-11 09:45:10 - Franziska Ringpfeil MD.]: It takes a bit longer to get rid of pink and orange compared to all other colors. White can turn brown after the first treatment before it moves away with subsequent treatments.

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