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Removing permanent make up eyebrows

[2014-03-10 08:44:51 - Alias from Philadelphia]: Hi guys I would like to remove my permanent make up eyebrows completly. It is really annoying me and im tired of covering it up everyday with make up. Is that possible and how are the prices for that? Thank you!
[2014-03-11 12:03:34 - Franziska Ringpfeil MD.]: Permanent make up can be removed as long as it is not within the eye socket or near the bony rim. Some permanent make up is rich in iron and can darken with the first treatment before it clears with subsequent treatments. The cost depends on the total size of the permanent make up to be removed. If you have not done so, please set up a complimentary consultation for tattoo removal by phone or in our office be able to learn about all detail and obtain a quote.

Removing Permanent eyeliner

[2014-09-03 07:34:59 - mary frankel from Bryn Mawr]: Do you remove permanent eyeliner? Thank you.
[2014-09-03 13:12:01 - Franziska Ringpfeil MD.]: We do not perform removal of permanent eyeliner because of the danger the current lasers would pose in this area.

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