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Laser tattoo removal pricing

[2014-03-11 10:51:30 - MS from Other]: What is the typical cost per session? I heard reports on TV of $200-300 per session. I have a tattoo approx 2" x 1" of a blue crescent moon with 3 yellow stars I'm looking to get removed.
[2014-03-11 11:53:52 - Franziska Ringpfeil MD.]: We currently charge $250 per picosure treatment for a 2 inch x 1 inch tattoo. We also offer complimentary phone consultations so that you can learn about the treatment in detail before your first treatment.

Cost to remove a 3 inch tattoo

[2014-03-18 00:00:33 - vim from Philadelphia]: Hi.. i have 3' tattoo and i would lik to go for picosure treatment .. so my question is how much do you charge and how many session i have to go for and also want to know cost per session. Thanks.
[2014-03-18 11:53:42 - Franziska Ringpfeil MD.]: In general, Picosure clears tattoos in about half or one third of the time of traditional Q switched tattoo removal lasers. Most tattoos require only 6-8 Picosure sessions for clearance. Our current charge is $250 per treatment session for small tattoos that measure up to 3 inch square. Please follow the link for our complimentary online telephone tattoo consultation at to get get all the info you need.

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