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Using excimer and other forms of treatments for vitiligo.

[2012-03-28 10:57:15 - Ms. Hutton]: Do you use UVB therapy for vitiligo as well as the XTRAC laser? what other forms of treatment do you use?
[2012-03-28 15:59:26 - Franziska Ringpfeil MD.]: Some forms of vitiligo respond to light treatment. Currently, narrowband UVB treatment appears to be the light treatment that is most efficacious and has the best safety profile. IF many areas of the skin are involved narrowband UVB is delivered in a UVB treatment box. If the area is small or the scalp is affected, an excimer laser is used instead to deliver the narrowband UVB ray. Other treatments include devices in the visible light range as well as topical medications. The type of treatment depends on the type of vitiligo, the body area affected as well as the extent of the body area affected. We do excimer laser treatments.

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