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Acne scar treatment for Asian skin

[2010-12-27 10:29:16 - JS from Narberth]: Dr. Ringpfeli, I am considering coming in and performing treatment to cure my scars. I have used peels in the past with no improvement. I am in graduate school and find that acne scars are preventing me from landing the job. I have south asian skin and different types of scars and discoloration. Have you treated tan skin and are there any practical solutions for my acne scars? Thank you
[2011-01-04 21:23:10 - Dr. Ringpfeil]: Scar treatment has much improved over the past years, mostly due to improved laser technology. We have successfully treated many individuals with acne scars and "Asian" skin, as well as other more tan skin types such as Mediterranean, Central American and the darker South American. The type of treatment that will work best for you can be determined during a consultation, and may include several technologies. However, at this time, there is no cure available for scars; in other words, it is still not possible to trade scars for normal skin. The best technology will give you about a 50%-70% improvement.

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