What to expect after earlobe repair?

[2011-03-23 09:56:03 - Mon Lee from Philadelphia]: Both of my earlobes are stretched from wearing earrings to bed, talking on the phone while wearing earrings, and from wearing heavy earrings. Can my stretch earlobes be repaired so that my earrings fit properly? If so, what are the chances of them stretching again? Is the cost to repair stretched earlobes $275.00 each? Do you know of any dermotogist in the Washington, DC area who specialize in stretch repairs? Most that I have found only do torn earlobes. Thanks
[2011-03-23 12:30:00 - Dr. Ringpfeil]: Stretched lobes cannot be repaired by making them shorter or by tightening them. They would likely tear or stretch soon after the procedure. Most of the time, stretched ear piercing sites can be fully excised and closed up with a fine scar. You may have your earlobes repierced 3 mm away from the repair site as early as 4 weeks after the repair.