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Do you also repair gauged ears

[2010-02-27 15:58:21 - Jessica from Mainline]: I have gauged ears. They are jewelry free for anout 4 years now and down to a 2 gauge but will not shrink any further. Is this procedure good for this as well?
[2010-03-01 19:34:01 - Dr. Ringpfeil]: An earlobe plasty is needed to repair gauged ears. This differs form a simple earlobe repair after a tear in that the earlobe has to be reconstructed to appear similar to a non-gauged lobe. Considering the persistent gauge size 2, the cost is likely higher. An evaluation in person is needed to assess the stretch of the surrounding skin and the expected results after surgery.

Is it possible to sew the earlobe leaving a small hole open so we do not have to re-pierce her ear?

[2010-04-23 08:05:00 - MS from Bryn Mawr]: I came across website while researching various options for Torn Earlobe surgery. My mother has a torn earlobe which needs to be closed. It is not completely torn. Is it possible to sew the earlobe leaving a small hole open so we do not have to re-pierce her ear? Also how do I find out if her insurance company covers it? Can you give me the codes that you use to bill to the insurance company? I spoke to a rep, they asked me to find out what the diagnosis codes are. Based on that they will tell me if it is covered or not. Thank you for your help... MS
[2010-04-26 09:21:22 - Dr. Ringpfeil]: Incompletely torn earlobes must be repaired completely. The original piercing can unfortunately not be maintained because the scar tissue below is not strong enough to support an earring. It could only be kept for looks but not for use. With proper repair, the earlobe can be re-pierced by someone experienced with the requirements after surgical repair. In our experience, the procedure is not an insurance covered service. We charge $275 per tear. Codes will be provided during consultation. Franziska Ringpfeil, MD

Repairing partly torned earlobe

[2009-10-09 03:16:19 - Patient from Wynnewood]: I have a torn earlobe, but there is a negligible piece of skin still holding the two halves together. I would like to have it repaired and want to find out how to go about doing that.
[2009-10-09 03:23:35 - Dr. Ringpfeil]: It really does not matter if the earlobe is completely torn or a small piece of skin preserves the contour of the lobe. The repair is performed by excising the entire scar caused by the tear and then repairing the defect. Most of the time, the remaining skin at the bottom of the lobe of an incomplete tear can be preserved. The procedure leaves a very fine, barely noticeable scar behind. If desired, repiercing of the same lobe can be performed as early as 3 weeks after the repair. Unfortunately, it is impossible to re-pierce the original hole as it would likely result in a tear within the surgical scar. We also offer repiercing after careful selection of the site for best cosmetic and functional results.

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