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Do it yourself - earlobe repair

[2011-02-08 19:06:19 - Tiffany Kidd from Bala Cynnwyd]: my husband had his ears gauged up to and inch when they ripped out completly, we did not have the money to get it professionaly reatached so he cut himself back open and stiched it back together himself. I know it was not the smartest choice for him to make, but is there anything in particular we should do to prevent infection and about how long should he leave the homemade stiches in...makes me queezy thinking about it.
[2011-02-16 10:24:38 - Dr. Ringpfeil]: Please understand that a blog does not serve to provide "how to do it yourself" medical advice. For those who cannot afford healthcare, there are a few free clinics that would help with infections. They are operated by the health department in Philadelphia.

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