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What is the cost for Botox injections?

[2009-10-13 01:36:13 - JD from Narberth]: I am looking for a package that includes Botox & Artefil. I had some Artefil about 5 years ago, but the effect has diminished. I am hoping you offer a combination package. I need forehead frown lines Botoxed; a line just above each brow Botoxed & filled; glabellar lines Botoxed & filled; Botox & some additional Artefil in the nasalabial area; Botox & filler in the corners of my mouth. Most important to me is the area below my mouth. I had a mini face lift known as the LifeStyle Lift about 6 years ago. As a result, I have areas on both sides of my face, under my mouth that are sunken in & need filler to add volume. Of course, finances are a concern, so if you could let me know approximately how many units/syringes of each product you estimate I would need & an estimated cost I would appreciate it. Thanking you in advance. J
[2009-10-13 09:25:14 - Dr. Ringpfeil]: Botox and/or fillers including Artefill in the areas described are very reasonable and can be performed as you outlined. However, a description does not allow to estimate the amount of filler or Botox needed to achieve your desired goals for facial volume restoration and rejuvenation. A consultation in the office provides you discussion about types of fillers suitable for the areas in question, assessment of units/syringes needed for your goals including a price quote. We customize all our treatments and charge only for the units/syringes actually used. Our pricing structure rewards those who have multiple procedures performed during the same visit.

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