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Botox for the frown lines. Number of units needed and cost.

[2009-07-15 14:21:50 - anonymous from Philadelphia]: I am interested in a Botox treatment for my frown lines. What is your fee for this procedure? Thank you.
[2009-07-19 23:28:52 - Dr. Ringpfeil]: We charge $15 per unit (As of July 2009, price might change in the future). The number of units required varies. Everybody's muscle tone is different and therefore an examination in the relaxed and animated state is necessary to determine the number of units needed to relax dynamic frown lines. The number of units needed is directly related to the years the muscles had to create these lines. Women often require a lesser number of units than men. E.g., the average dose in the area between the eyes (glabella) of a 30 year old woman is approximately 15, whereas a man in the same age often requires 20 units to relax the muscle complex. If glabellar lines are no longer dynamic (very deep lines that are present in the relaxed state), a filler may be needed to help achieve the look you are aiming at. The forehead frown lines require between 8-15 units in a woman or 10-18 units in a man, and rarely require the use of a filler.

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