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Removing red tattoos with Picosure

[2013-10-22 11:45:51 - Maxwell from Gladwyne]: I have read that Picosure does not remove red ink color very well, if at all, does your office have Qswitch laser to combine both lasers to remove red ink color with the Qswitch laser and black ink color with Picosure within a tattoo? Thank you.
[2013-10-24 15:13:39 - Franziska Ringpfeil MD.]: I am aware of reports of occasional failure of the picosure laser to clear red pigment. In our practice we get good clearing of red with the picosure. Perhaps the early reports can be attributed to certain red pigment that is truly difficult to remove (red is not all the same pigment). However, I think it may be due to the fact that the early picosure prototype had only one energy level whereas the current model allows us to adjust the levels. If red does not budge with picosure, Q-switched treatment, albeit potentially scarring, can always be a last resort.

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