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chemical peels for treatment of scars

[2012-08-18 12:31:40 - Sara]: Hello, my husband is 39 years old and has a lot of scars from untreated adolescent acne, would the chemical peel help his skin in anyway?
[2012-08-19 03:44:06 - Franziska Ringpfeil MD.]: There are 2 chemical peels that help with acne scarring. A series of glycolic acid peel every 4 weeks will help improve the texture of the skin overall, yet it does not eradicate scars. Maintenance every 6 months to one year is recommended. It can be performed on all skin colors and types and is most suitable when shallow scars and uneven texture predominate. More prominent scars can be treated with a TCA peel. Maintenance of effects requires TCA peels every 2-5 years. This peel is limited to those with fairer skin. Deep acne scars may need more aggressive treatment, such as CO2 laser technology.

Treating back acne with chemical peels

[2012-11-17 20:28:31 - memosa from Gladwyne]: hello,I would like to consult you for my problem my wedding after 1 month and i have scars from acne at my back how can i remove it and it is one month enough time to make peeling and get a good result thank you
[2012-11-19 09:42:03 - Franziska Ringpfeil MD.]: If you have dark marks on your back from acne (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation), you may consider Melanage peel for fast reduction. There will be significant improvement in the discoloration 4 weeks after Melanage peel. A series of 6-8 glycolic acid peels to the back every 4 weeks can also reduce post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. True scars (depressed or elevated) can be treated by laser. This process can take a few months.

Treating acne scar of a dark skin woman with chemical peels

[2013-03-04 17:09:34 - keisha from Kink of Prussia]: I am a dark skin women that have acne scars that i would like to inprove i need a doctor that would do a med to deep peel on my face i am getting wedding soon and just for once i want to enjoy myself and not worry about is my acne scars showing can you help i have try mic,light peel,facials and alot of different creams that just dont work pls can you help.
[2013-03-05 10:59:59 - Franziska Ringpfeil MD.]: Your quest for even colored skin is very understandable. If discoloration is your main concern, Melanage peel is the perfect treatment. It is colorblind, which means that it is safe for all skin colors, and it effectively restores your natural skin pigmentation. Most of the time, one treatment delivers desired results. If texture (indentation) is the main concern, laser treatments are best. Safe laser treatments for dark skin is available that will improve skin texture. Most of the time, several treatments (3-6) are needed for significant improvement. Many times, the combination of several treatments delivers best results.

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