Is there a treatment for enlarged pores?

[2010-09-22 10:29:13 - patient from Wynnewood]: Hello. Do you have any treatment for enlarge pores? Also I have this very very light brown small patch developing on my nose. (its almost unnoticeable) Is there any safe perrmanent way to get rid of this? I know enlarge pores are genetics... but having oily skin and a man doen't help at all. Help.
[2010-09-24 10:31:12 - Dr. Ringpfeil]: Unfortunately, there is no treatment yet that eradicates large pores. Pores can tighten to a small degree with regular and lifelong use of a prescription topical retinoid in conjunction with glycolic acid that can e applied daily or as a peel. CO2 laser resurfacing also helps to reduce pore size to small degree. While it requires typically only one treatment it is a technique with considerable downtime (please see website) and therefore must be carefully weighed against the small benefit. Franziska Ringpfeil, MD
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