Waxing, alcohol drinking, and going to the beach while on Accutane treatment

[2009-07-05 15:14:34 - Patient from Wynnewood]: I recently visited Dr. Ringpfeil and she suggested that I go on Accutane. I have a few questions before I consider this course of treatment. 1. Can I get my eyebrows waxed while on Accutane? 2. Will my currents meds have an adverse reaction with Accutane (I can provide this information) 3. Can I drink alcohol on Accutane? 4. Can I go to the beach in the summer wearing sunscreen on Accutane or will it be easier to do the course of treatment during the winter months? I have another appointment with Dr. Ringpfeil on ...... and would like to speak with her before this appointment. Thank you
[2009-10-10 21:11:53 - Dr. Ringpfeil]: 1. Not recommended while on Accutane. 2. There are very few medications that are contraindicated while on Accutane. Before suggesting or prescribing Accutane your current medication is reviewed for any contraindication. 3. No, absolutely not. 4. Sun tanning is dangerous and UVA rays were declared a carcinogen in August 2009. However, Accutane treatment in the summer is no more difficult than in the winter and throuout the year, efficient sunscreen should be applied to exposed skin.

treatment of blemishes for african american, asians, and other ethnics

[2010-03-11 18:23:49 - Brandon S. Vinson]: For African American skin what do you suggest for blemishes and uneven skin tone? What type of treatment with somebody with moderate to severe acne would you suggest?
[2010-03-12 13:58:54 - Dr. Ringpfeil]: Whether African American, Asian or any other ethnicity, treatment of blemishes or acne is very individual and depends on many factors, not just the color of your skin. An in-person evaluation is crucial for treatment recommendation.
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