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Acne scar treatment - Expected result

[2011-07-13 19:58:36 - Nanette from Philadelphia]: Hello, After many years of acne I have scarring all over both cheeks which I hope to improve. I want to do as much as I can for better skin texture and am wondering if it is usually necessary for people to take off work/stay home after having treatment. Do you feel that people are often happy with their results? Do you have any examples of before ad after photos? I know you can't totally fix the scarred skin but I am hoping for a visible improvement. Also, I live about 4 hours away and would like to just get a consultation first. How long are your appointments? Thank you so much!
[2011-07-18 18:08:33 - Dr. Ringpfeil]: CO2 laser resurfacing reduces acne scars by 50% which means quite some reduction in scars and significant improvement in texture. Most will take off one week after treatment but there are some who may get away with as little as 5 days. A consultation is a must before CO2 laser resurfacing and we provide a new patient appointment for this reason. Most additional questions before the actual procedure can be dealt with over the phone but occasionally we have to ask that an additional consultation be scheduled. Follow up after 7 days is routine. If any signs of infection occur, in-office evaluation within the first week is mandatory. Therefore, this procedure requires you to be in close driving proximity to the laser surgeon's office for one week which should filter into tyour decision making when you select the treatment site.

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